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Explore Ceylon with Jeep

Visiting Sri Lanka has always been an unforgettable experience and now there is a way to get even more immersed in the culture and atmosphere of the land. Ceylon Adventure Tours takes you well off the beaten track and into the heart of Sri Lanka as well as the hidden wonders of the country where you will come to realize the true beauty , its people and landscapes.

Our Jeep tours are the perfect addition to any experience, giving a touch of adventure and loads of local culture to your Sri Lankan stay. Travel by our original restored US Jeeps, stay overnight in traditional stilt houses or swim in mountain streams and waterfalls.

With its war-torn past, the countryside of Sri Lanka is certainly no stranger to the sight of a military-style Jeep cruising along the many roads and back trails. These rugged four seat machines are perfectly designed to handle anything the mysterious landscapes has to throw at them.

Our tour leaders spend a lot of time doing “research”. Research is our in-house word for “getting lost”. Intrepid and fearless, the goal is to find new and untapped riding for those looking a little more adventure in their tour. We can tailor custom tours for licensed drivers with significant off road jeep experience at home and can cater to all skill levels. All our tours include an element of “off road” – with muddy, sandy paths and other off road elements, though if you are looking for a real off road adventure we can help you!